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About us

Department of Physiology, Government College University, Faisalabad (GCUF) is among the pioneer institutes of Pakistan offering a dedicated BS Program in the discipline of Physiology. We have the largest human resource in the country, comprising students and faculty explicitly dedicated to the field of Physiology. Currently, we have around 400 undergraduates along with more than 60 MPhil and 20 PhD enrolled students at the Department of Physiology, GCUF. Since its inception in 2013, the Department of Physiology has been on the cutting edge of innovation. It has made advancements in teaching, learning, and evaluation in addition to promoting need-based and value-based Physiology education to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Department of Physiology focuses on the biological mechanisms that sustain life. Our division investigates the interactions between elements that deliver an effect at all levels including cellular, molecular, tissue, and system levels. In many ways, expertise in physiology underpins the possibility of breakthroughs in specialized areas of study. The Department has excellent research groups including health biology, neurophysiology, epigenetics, endocrinology, cardiovascular, and nutrigenomics. Research labs are well equipped including all paramount facilities to enhance research output. We take pride in fostering fruitful partnerships with other academic fields and facilitating the clinical implementation of new scientific findings.

Though the subject of Physiology is not that alien to the scientific society of Pakistan, the legitimate prestige that the subject of Physiology justifies is still lacking. The main reason for this lack is the absence of awareness seminars, insufficient subject-dedicated workshops, and an extreme shortage of technical meetings and symposiums for Physiologists in general and early-career researchers in particular. The founding stone of the Physiological Society Pakistan was laid down in 2019 keeping in view the tire need for a dedicated society that may organize dedicated training workshops, symposiums, and national & international conferences. Since then, the Department of Physiology and The Physiological Society Pakistan have emerged as dependable symbols of quality and excellence in the field of Physiology in Pakistan. Today, our committed faculty and students use this rich history as a foundation to forge new paths.

Our Faculty

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